Matthew Olds         


Circle Complete is an architectural fine art installation based upon the Esther Webster House designed by architect Paul Hayden Kirk, and home of the Port Angeles Fine Art Center (PAFAC). The unique semi-circle structure is perched above the Straight of Juan de Fuca situated to maximize the dramatic view while creating a private interior space.

The foot print of the Webster House was recreated and installed in the Webster Woods to complete the circle - not formally on the structure - but abstractly on the property. In doing so, the natural form of the circle will return to its harmonious state while honoring the legacy of  Esther Webster the benefactor of PAFAC and the design of the Webster House. In time, the structure itself will complete a circle as it gets reclaimed by the surrounding growth.

Click here to watch the installation process over a 48 hour time frame.

Matthew Olds         

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Matthew laying out Circle Complete on Vashon, photograph by Heather Joy. HOLDstudios © 2015