Custom specialty panels, photograph by Matthew Olds. HOLDstudios © 2015

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HOLDstudios has worked with a number of artists and designers to help their vision come to life. Whether it is creating a new surface or shape to work on, or providing the skills and knowledge to translate your 2-d plans into 3-d, we have the experience and vision to help.  Please scroll below to find some examples.

We also make display pedestals, display cases, and hanging systems for your work. Contact us today for a quote.

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This project consisted of 104 - 5”x5” photos which needed to be displayed in a window so we created a plexiglass backing which we were able to then map out and install hanging hardware onto. Final size 44” x 72” x .75”


The artist we worked with on this project wanted to work outside of the conventional square/rectangle and generated these concepts. We were able to fabricate these forms based on the artist’s drawings out of layered plywood that we then primed and sanded smooth.

Wall mounted display pedestals with integrated hanging cleat.

3-D Art installation brought to life based on the artist’s design.

Approached by a designer working on a large mixed use project to create a sculptural element, we developed and fabricated this multi-dimensional sculptural installation.

An artist approached us to bring this free standing concept to life using salvaged materials with lighting/electrical elements.

Image of various geometric panels in progress which were then sanded smooth, primed and delivered to the clients.

This concept was brought to us by the artist with a fully formed plan which we were then able to execute. Image of work in progress.

Our client approached us to create a multi-panel construction of various sizes creating one large piece which could be safely and easily assembled and dissembled many times as the exhibition traveled across the country.

This project came from an artist who had a pretty good idea of what they wanted and we were able to come up with a display solution for these delicate paintings made on microscope slides which when properly lit created a dynamic play of light, shadow, and projection inside the boxes.

We were presented with this general concept that we were then able to translate into this colorful dimensional work that was then installed using our integrated cleat system.

Whether your project is big or small we would love to talk to with you about it!

For this installation, we were able to build a 16‘x32’x5” pond in an interior space along with custom lighting and sound design.

We were able to design and largely build this structure off-site before transporting and installing this work on-site.