Plutocracy sketch, pins and organic canvas, photograph by Heather Joy. HOLDstudios © 2015

a diverse fine arts company


Heather Joy draws upon her family’s political history as a call to action thanks to her uncle who was a Wisconsin State Assemblyman and then Senator from 1979-1995. “Politics are in my blood…I find it hard to be quiet during this important moment in our history,” she says. Heather’s most recent work, entitled Plutocracy, focuses on the huge divide between the super wealthy and the rest of the country. For her exhibition in November 2012, she installed 10,000 pins on the VALISE gallery walls to illustrate the economic inequality in the United States. “With elections coming up, it is jaw dropping to see how much money is being spent on political campaigns, $6 billion by November 6th! The Citizens United case has changed everything…I fear that those with lots of money have a loud voice and those without resources are not being heard.” More images coming soon.