HOLDstretcher in the Shop, photograph by Matthew Olds. HOLDstudios © 2015

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HOLDstretcher bars consist of two separate pieces of kiln dried fir glued and nailed together creating an “L” shape with a 20 degree beveled edge to keep your painting off of the stretcher with a nice bounce. Our innovative stretcher design with our forever lock corner system insures that your canvas will remain tight and true and always have appropriate bracing systems. Stretchers come fully assembled to your door. We also offer stretching and re-stretching services.

HOLDstudios specializes in custom sizes and construction. If you have a system that you prefer, we will happily build you a stretcher to your specifications and satisfaction. Contact us today for a quote.

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Size                            Price

12" x 12"                     $11.00

12" x 24"                     $17.00

24" x 24"                     $28.00

24" x 36"                     $39.00

36" x 36"                     $50.00

36" x 48"                     $66.00

48" x 48"                     $83.00

48" x 60"                     $105.00

60" x 60" *                  $132.00

60" x 72" *                  $143.00

72" x 72" *                  $165.00

72" x 84" *                  $187.00

84" x 84" *                  $220.00

84" x 96" *                  $250.00

96" x 96" *                  $330.00

  1. *denotes possible additional charges for handling and delivery.

We specialize in custom stretchers of any size, depth, material and surface to your specifications, which are priced on an individual basis. Contact us today for a custom size quote via email or call 206.551.3181.


HOLD prides itself on a quick turnaround time so that you can start creating right away. The average production time is a week after a deposit on your order is secured. A 50% deposit is required.

Delivery is FREE in the greater Seattle area on all orders of $250.00 or more. There is a delivery charge of $50.00 on all orders delivered that are less then $250.00. Delivery outside the greater Seattle area or to an island is available at an affordable rate. Additional fees exist for oversized items.

HOLD accepts cash, checks and credit/debit cards using Paypal.

All prices are subject to change.